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When choosing a halter Design in the drop down menu, please refer to the browbands styles to see what the actual design looks like.

The $165 is for the halter and stones on the noseband ONLY. It is an additional $30 for the nosebands and sides totally $195.00.

The name says it all!! - Browbands with Bling & Other Things! These exquisite Signature Halters are carefully hand-crafted here in the USA from high quality materials including genuine Swarovski crystals.

These elegant “one of a kind” designs will set you apart in the show ring, or just at the barn!


Made of the finest quality leather, stitched and glued for durability and Padded for your horse's comfort.


Customers have the ability to customize the shape, color and design of each item.


Please note that any design found in this section can be made into any item you like, whether it be a Browband, Belt, Dog Collar, Leather Bracelet with or without leather or a Halter, etc.


To order Browbands and products that were on the original website.... please visit www.browbandswithbling.net.

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Price: $165.00
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